re-Set Your DNA

~ Helping You Help Yourself~

If  SOUND is your FOUNDATIONAL creative force..

And your INTENTION is your directive force..

Then when you combine them .. SOUND amplifies/energizes your Intentions.







Did you know that your mission in life is to fully love and believe in yourself?

This 29 min audio will amplify all of your great work and creativity that stems from your internal light. and your internal LIGHT stems from your DNA antennae- telomeres. This is one of your power points.

 Let’s clear your resistance to accepting every bit of who you are and the life journey you have chosen. Stop giving so much room to self doubt! Move into a place where you are so full of your own soul’s message that the concepts of limitation and right and wrong doing are only your teachers, they do not define you. Participants can expect to feel like they are more relaxed, have more space to breathe and think, to feel lighter and be more centered after the tune.

Bring your intention as you unfold with each listening. Allow the GROUP frequencies to extend your telomeres as you attract new experiences with so much more potential.

Biofield Tuning is a unique therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks to introduce a coherent resonance to the biomagnetic field that surrounds the human body. This modality can help release tension while inducing a sense of deep targeted relaxation.



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