A Participants GROUP REPLAY Experience: "On Mother's Day I had the luxury of listening to the REPLAY (of your GROUP Tuning Call) and loved it. Also, when you were doing the right side, it felt like gentle waves rolling down my right arm. Prior to that at times, the gentle waves seemed to 'roll' down my head to toes. It all felt very gentle and calming and I want to let you know how grateful I am for YOU!!!"

"Tessa- after our last individual session I've had waves of grief in allowing this career change process. Empowered reflection. I also am noticing my energy centers adjusting more readily. I am more aware of my 2 earth stars. "
P. G.
"Thank you for helping me reclaim my soul and heart through my poetry. I can feel my flow leading me to my next poetry book! Yes!"
Carol F.
"There is a wonderful clarity that followed our session together. The raw emotions from earlier in the day have completely dissipated, integrated, and have been transformed into a loving and resolute communion with now. I am so blessed to know you and have experienced this session with you!💕🌹💕"
~Lisa. K- FL
"It was an absolutely amazing session. Wow. I feel present, & more grounded. Stress feels different, or possibly my stress response is different. " 
~Paulina G.- WA
"So here is some big noticing….my back is a lot better. I’ve been noticing it seemed better for a while but I wasn’t sure until today putting up my Christmas tree. I’ve got the tree put together and the lights on in 3 hours without my back hurting. Last year it  took 2 days of stopping and starting. Granted I am not rushing through it but wow!" 
~ Madeline B.- WA
“Tessa’s Phone sessions and the Be Codes have been invaluable to me. I managed to buy my home after a few light bulb moments as a result of our sessions. This process was so smooth it was definitely Divinely guided for optimal outcome. This was just one aspect of the miracles I experienced working with Tessa. I highly recommend the Be codes and the one on one sessions.”
~ P. G.