"Tessa- after our last individual session I've had waves of grief in allowing this career change process. Empowered reflection. I also am noticing my energy centers adjusting more readily. I am more aware of my 2 earth stars. "
P. G.
"Thank you for helping me reclaim my soul and heart through my poetry. I can feel my flow leading me to my next poetry book! Yes!"
Carol F.
"There is a wonderful clarity that followed our session together. The raw emotions from earlier in the day have completely dissipated, integrated, and have been transformed into a loving and resolute communion with now. I am so blessed to know you and have experienced this session with you!💕🌹💕"
~Lisa. K- FL
"It was an absolutely amazing session. Wow. I feel present, & more grounded. Stress feels different, or possibly my stress response is different. " 
~Paulina G.- WA
"So here is some big noticing….my back is a lot better. I’ve been noticing it seemed better for a while but I wasn’t sure until today putting up my Christmas tree. I’ve got the tree put together and the lights on in 3 hours without my back hurting. Last year it  took 2 days of stopping and starting. Granted I am not rushing through it but wow!" 
~ Madeline B.- WA
“Tessa’s Phone sessions and the Be Codes have been invaluable to me. I managed to buy my home after a few light bulb moments as a result of our sessions. This process was so smooth it was definitely Divinely guided for optimal outcome. This was just one aspect of the miracles I experienced working with Tessa. I highly recommend the Be codes and the one on one sessions.”
~ P. G.