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WHEN?First Saturday of each month


COST? $16  ($90 VALUE)


We offer you an in person call with Tessa Brauer for 33 minutes of Biofield SOUND Healing and SUPPORT.

*You may attend in person

*You may listen to REPLAY

*You may simply RECEIVE the support and help with your personal intention in distance healing.

You will receive the call information email the day before our Group Call.

"Today I am clear and free from sadness that was burdening my heart yesterday. I am feeling brand new!"
"Tessa, I feel so organized in large part to the Good Stuff Group Tune! This weekend I moved forward on projects I’ve been resisting. Thanks to your tuning and my efforts my FLOW is measurably increased, I feel so much more grounded and centered in my knowing FLOW! Thank You!"
Carol F.-WA
2:35 min of Aligned Biofield Tuning with Tessa- So many layers to this short ‘self-support’ TUNE 🎁 

HOW does TUNING work?

  • Did you know Sound is part of the electromagnetic spectrum? 
  • Did you know that your Aura or Biofield is also electromagnetic?
  • Did you know tuning forks emanate an electromagnetic charge that serves as a magnet that intersects with the emotional dis-harmony (like trauma,  depression or anxiety) in the field?
  • Did you know the disharmonies SOUND different in your Biofield?
  • Did you know that by using simple intent with tuning forks, these dis-harmonies are auto-tuned (harmonized) by the body?
  • Did you know that sound is an adaptogen in the body’s electromagnetic systems?
For example-(in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng.
  • Did you know research shows that the body’s Biofield retains the memories of every emotional, physical and spiritual experience you have ever had?

I can perceive the body’s dis-harmonies with the sound of my tuning forks. 

I help your electro-magnetic systems harmonize the upset vibrations from painful memories, turbulent stories and beliefs that no longer resonate while leaving the memory or belief  in tact.

The body guides this entire process

Enjoy this is a 4:16 minute re-INVENT Your Grounding Tune

.“I have two noticings from my last Tune Up with you- #1. I don’t know where all this energy came from but I am in cleaning, clearing out mode and #2. My body could be fooling me, but my “allergies” are suddenly better. No sneezing, way less throat clearing and nose running.”
~Madeline B.- WA

Aligned Biofield Tuning is a sound approach to health and well-being.