Enhanced Grace Healing

What is Enhanced Grace Healing?

Enhanced^Grace Healing is a proprietary healing modality that is from Source with 24/7 scanning of all of your systems. Grace Healing transmissions go to work at the appropriate levels for the symptoms you desire help with while following the path of YOUR divine knowing.. 

Most clients notice a profound feeling of contentment and a lessening of anxiety as well as consistently improved health and well BEing..

This form of healing has a built in buffer so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are using.

Flower Essences, remote Energetic Body Processes, remote EFT, A.S.H. to name a few…

Improved Health & Balance, better Relationships of all sorts, Sustained wealth regeneration, Promising Career, removing obstacles to emotional well^Being, Enlivening Spiritual Growth 



Thanks Tessa, I noticed during a very challenging time after reaching out for (Your Enhanced) Grace Healing, I was led to a time for solitude and (then) space opened up to support me. I felt protected, supported and was able to regroup and regenerate energy.

14 Benefits of ENHANCED GRACE Healing

Imagine what you can BE and achieve if you receive:

1-24/7 energetic scans constantly supporting your highest and best.

2-What if your highest and best just got better by influencing your choices to be in better resonance with YOU?

3-Help with transforming old beliefs and installing new beliefs that align you and align with you.

4-Opens your life force and strengthens your etheric field.

5-Can assist in growing bone and strengthening muscles while delivering 222 essential nutrients as needed.

6-Harmonizes your home and heals long held trauma.

7-Transmutes curses, spells, vows, karma, karmic ties while raising your frequency.

8-Gently activates 24 strands of DNA.

9-Heals on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and soul levels.

10-Naturally unwinds emotional stressors and En^Livens you.

11-Re-patterns your energetic blueprint while restoring the health of your cells.

12-Facilitates ease in your financial, relationship, career, and health challenges.

13-Enhanced Grace Healing is from Source.

14-Tessa also includes Regenerate which is a proprietary system that can reverse cellular degeneration, and also strengthen your cellular system. Many have noted an overall cellular enhancement with better balance, greater ease in walking, an overall rejuvenation of skin and improved vision

Differences between Simply Grace, Enhanced Grace & Premium Grace Healing Packages


Simply, I am attuned to a field of GRACE HEALING that offers you 24/7 scans by Source/Universe. These scans and healings are always for your highest good highest life. These healings will never conflict with any other program you might be currently involved with.

1 Month (30 days) SIMPLY GRACE HEALING                     $79


What is the difference between  Grace Healing and Enhanced^Grace Healing?

When Divine Light deems it in your highest good my guidance group and highest self are called into facilitate the highest and best healing from another point of view…from a presence that is currently incarnated in form on Earth…that would be= ME.

1 month (30 days) ENHANCED GRACE HEALING    $139


Why did we add this Premium^Grace Healing Option so affordably?

We have found that often a 1 on 1 processing tele^session can really assist you in moving thru blocks, patterns, traumas and imbalances.

This option is Enhanced^Grace plus a 30 minute processing tele^session with me.

1 month Premium Grace (Enhanced Grace+1Tessa 1-1session) (30 Days)   $179 

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