Enhanced Grace Healing

What is Enhanced Grace Healing™?

Enhanced Grace Healing (EGH) is a proprietary healing modality unlike any you have ever received. 
EGH is Source resourced giving you and your body and your energy systems 24/7 scanning that is as gentle as the touch of butterfly wings. EGH transmissions work with balancing your blocks, releasing your triggers, and aligning your systems…all aiming to support your life in greater happiness and ease.

Benefits Enhanced Grace Healing™

Imagine what you can BE and achieve if you receive:

1-24/7 energetic scans constantly supporting your highest and best.

2-What if your highest and best just got better by influencing your choices to be in better resonance with YOU?

3-Help with transforming old beliefs and installing new beliefs that align you and align with you.

4-Opens your life force and strengthens your etheric field.

5-Can assist in growing bone and strengthening muscles while delivering 222 essential nutrients as needed.

6-Harmonizes your home and heals long held trauma.

7-Transmutes curses, spells, vows, karma, karmic ties while raising your frequency.

8-Gently activates 24 strands of DNA.

9-Heals on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and soul levels.

10-Naturally unwinds emotional stressors and En^Livens you.

11-Re-patterns your energetic blueprint while restoring the health of your cells.

12-Facilitates ease in your financial, relationship, career, and health challenges.

13-Enhanced Grace Healing is from Source.

14-Tessa also includes Regenerate which is a proprietary system that can reverse cellular degeneration, and also strengthen your cellular system. Many have noted an overall cellular enhancement with better balance, greater ease in walking, an overall rejuvenation of skin and improved vision

Enhanced Grace Healing™

90 Days 24/7 @ $159

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