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Can You re-wire Your Old Stress Programs?

Today’s tip clears up something that is often misunderstood—the important difference between self-talk and affirmations. The two are often confused with each other, but they’re actually very different. Affirmations. ​Affirmations are typically short, singular statements, often spiritual in nature, that are written or spoken by people as part of a daily ritual, or occasionally, when they need a lift. Affirmations are a rudimentary use of the principle of the law of attraction. ​But while affirmations may have an uplifting or positive effect in the moment, reading or stating them only occasionally does not create the repetition necessary to wire the

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Exciting Science Around SELF-TALK

The reason self-talk works so reliably is that it’s based on real science and the way the brain works. And whether you’re science-oriented or not, it will help you to know the basics. 3 min read What positive and negative thinking can do to your brain. This is exciting information. It tells us why positive thinking helps us succeed, and why negative thinking forces us to fail. Negative self-talk. 1. People who think in the negative grow more neural connections in the right, prefrontal cortex of their brain. That’s the part of the brain that causes you to shut down, hide or flee, not seek solutions,

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 3 min read I hope this finds you running well as we move into the winter season! Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy as we enjoy the holiday season. 1.) LOAD UP ON FRUIT & VEGGIES As we move toward Christmas and New Year, tis’ the season to increase our sugar intake with all the holiday treats available. Make it a point to stock up on healthy snacks and limit the number of unhealthy snacks you have in the house. If sugary sweets are in our house, my wife and I have zero self-control. Instead, save the sugary treats for

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by Dr. David Minkoff October 24, 2023 5 min read There are key things causing hormonal disruptions in men and women today, even in our children, affecting their overall growth. Testosterone levels have been dropping for decades while estrogen levels have risen sharply. Levels of growth hormone and progesterone are lower and cortisol levels are too high. And hormonal imbalances are now much more than just being deficient in one or another hormone. There are exact chemicals in the environment today which block hormones from being created, block them from being used, disrupt their normal action, or impersonate them entirely. And they’re

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7 Ways to Compound BEing 1% Happier everyday

Tessa Brauer  4 min read In the realm of personal growth, we often chase monumental changes. However, the subtle art of incremental improvement, especially in our emotional well-being, can lead to profound transformations over time.  Imagine becoming just 1% happier each day. It may sound minimal, but the compound effect of this daily uplift can usher in a paradigm shift in one’s life. Let’s delve into the advantages of this seemingly modest increase in daily happiness. *1. The Power of Compounding:*  Much like the magic of compound interest in finance, a 1% increase in happiness daily can lead to exponential growth over

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OVERwhelm & YOUR Brain

Overwhelm and Cognitive Issues: The Silent Interplay Tessa Brauer   5 min read  Overwhelm, a sensation familiar to many, is more than just an emotional response. Beneath the palpable feelings of stress and anxiety, overwhelm can ripple into our cognitive faculties, subtly impairing the very mechanisms we rely on to navigate daily challenges.  Understanding OverwhelmAt its core, overwhelm is a state of being swamped by tasks, emotions, or information. Whether stemming from an overloaded work schedule, emotional turbulence, or sheer information saturation in our digital age, the result is often the same: a sense of drowning amidst insurmountable demands.  Cognitive Ramifications of OverwhelmWhile

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