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How does your AGE measure UP?

Article by Dr Minkoff MD   6 min read When we look at the fact of aging, or getting older, we often measure it in two ways: The number of years we’ve been on this earth, chronologically. And the amount of decay that’s set in: fatigue, lower energy, poor fitness levels, poor sleep, loss of muscle, worsening vision and hearing, digestive problems, memory loss, etc. But, while we’ve come to see the second as the inevitable result of the first, it’s actually not. It’s the result of getting biologically older, accelerated aging before our time. We don’t realize this because our

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Self-SOOTHING Toolkit

SELF-SOOTHING TOOLKIT by Laura Akhavan Self-Soothing Toolbox & SensoryTools  VisionStimulate your Visual Senses! Take a trip to the beach / park “Kids’ ArtworkPleasant Pictures in a Magazine *Flowers (Fake / Real” Nail PolishPretty Picture Book Take a Trip to the Library *Candles (Watch the Flame) Go to Farmer’s MarketVisualize a Fond Memory Envision a place you want to visit : Look at a Travel Magazine HearingStimulate your Auditory Senses! Listen to Music* Tape ofNature SoundsGo to Tumwater Falls Go to a Free Concert Listen to a Book-Reading Go to ChurchListen to the RadioStimulate your Sense o Smell f Smell!#Good-Smelling Lotion

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Live Longer- Better

Article by Dr David Minkoff MD  4 min read Did you know that factors such as diet, exercise, toxins, sleep, stress and more can affect how able our DNA are to make new, healthy cells? This is actually a huge factor in aging. If our DNA can’t make new cells properly, but instead make “faulty” cells, then, as our body is nothing but cells, over time our body begins to slowly degrade. We see it in our skin, our strength, our energy levels and our overall health. This is half of what we call “aging.” But it doesn’t have to be

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What is Stress, anyway?

WHAT IS STRESS? Before we dive into why stress is so high, we first need to define it. We all have problems we run into, things we’re responsible for or need to take care of, or people depending on us. We have upsets, losses in life, from losing people, failing to reach goals, and upsets with others or the conditions around us. These are pressures from life of one sort or another. We also have physical pressures. We have to get up, move our bodies (whether we want to or not sometimes), be active, think and problem-solve. We can experience low

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3 Ways to lower your STRESS

Stress levels have never been higher in our society than they are now. We are all looking for ways to get relief.  As someone who works with clients 1 on 1,I am aware that everyone that comes to me is seeking relaxation, help with anxiety and stress with a few takeaway tips to extend the therapeutic benefits from their session.. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS YOU MIGHT ENJOY? Tip 1-Studies show that when we come into  resonance with certain tones we create a parasympathetic AHHHHHHH response of relaxation. OUR GROUP SOUND Event facilitates therapeutic relaxation and resets your nervous system. Tip 2- Improve Your Vagas nerve tone- Place a finger gently

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How Stressed Are We?

HOW STRESSED ARE WE? Our body is a fantastic contraption. It has exact systems, responses and actions for pretty much anything that can occur. But when things go wrong, because we’ve fed it the wrong foods, or taken in toxins, or ate a lot of sugar, or didn’t give it the rest it needed to recuperate and repair daily (lack of sleep builds up), it can start to be faulty in it’s operation: Our hormones go off (creating inflammation and bringing on depression and anxiety). Inflammation levels rise from not enough sleep or protein, leading to thousands of tiny micro-injuries that

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Stress Levels-what’s the answer?

Arguably, stress levels in our society have never been as high as they are right now.  And, while there has been a lot of upheaval in the last few years, there’s more to this than meets the eye.  Depression and anxiety have never been higher, physical stress in the form of inflammation, auto-immune disease, heart disease and cortisol levels have never been higher.  But this isn’t recent. They’ve been rising for decades. And, while some stress is emotional or mental, and some physical, it’s all tied together, each part affecting the other. How do we lower physical stress levels and inflammation?

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