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Coke or Pepsi?

The most unexpected exchange happened to me the other day. I had just concluded a very successful plant shopping experience! My cart overflowed with color and possibility and discounts. True heaven for any gardener. PLUS I didn’t even have to go into the mega store to pay! Just got better and better. No lines and the cashier awaited me with one question… “Coke or Pepsi?” What? I’m in the garden department and he asks me about soft drinks. And the story continues. Let’s call my cashier Harvey. As he began gently scanning my posies I got curious about his question

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In.spiration with Tessa

Helping You BEcome Your Better Self – Faster, To live the Life of Your Dreams, now. A Pondering Pearl What lies behind you? What is in your past? What lies in front of you? What is in your future? What lies within you? What lies within your core? How often do you allow yourself moments to Intentionally BE and ponder? What is the best part of your NOW that you could just savor and immerse yourself in? What behind you (your past) pales in comparison to what the treasures and riches are within you? Give yourself a few moments to

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In.tentionally BEing

Helping You BEcome Your Better Self – Faster, To live the Life of Your Dreams, now. Hey there! I’m so excited to announce a new series of In.Tentionally BEing with Tessa articles.  We all can use a bit more inspiration and coaching on life and personal development. Yes? Please enjoy these snippets from the newsletter.  I’d be so honored if you chose to share this or sign up for my newsletter.  Your participation is just such a wonderful nod from the Universe! Thanks in advance! I am so honored to be able to take this journey with you. Need more bandwidth

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So what’s this got to do with your sexy new body?

So how does ‘Compound Effect’ help your sexy new body?   Read on…. Have you ever heard of the penny story?  If someone offered you a choice between a penny that doubles every day for 31 days or $3 million, which one would you choose? Let’s say you take the $3 mil and your friend takes the penny. After 20 full days You’ve got the $3 million and your friend only has $5,243. Not much of a return. Hang on …come day 29 your friend has $2.7 million. Yep, day 31 the penny is now worth $10,737,418.24…compared to your $3 million.

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How often do you start your day intentionally? What if you can create your life thru simple intention… in 5 seconds?   INTENTIONS I have personally been using intentions to create more grounding, a bigger possibility and MORE CALM in my life for years. I can attest to the potency and almost instantaneousness of this self-care practice.   As I shared in 2019- our daily practices will make a huge difference in our traversing the many waves of new energies washing our planet for the next 10 years. What does that mean? It means that each day we can help ourselves and our world by

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3 easy ways to live on-purpose

Just like it says “Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle”  The same is true of intentional living or living on-purpose…it is a lifestyle. Lifestyle means repetitive behavior or habits. So when we make kindness a lifestyle we are making it a daily habit. This 3 min read will offer you 3 unusual supports in creating daily successes…moving you closer to ‘living on-purpose’…with purpose. We could review all the latest neuroscience studies on all the influences in modern day culture that are creating and contributing to moment to moment states of confusion and overwhelm. That’s not what this article

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What can you do to help our oceans breathe?

Awareness is often your first step in answering any question.  Feeling a little helpless? I sincerely get that… Sometimes the truth about our life on planet Earth can be too much. Yes? I promise to be gentle. This is the focus of intention for our P12² Group of Intenders…Helping our Planet’s waters to heal. Thank you for reading on…for the waters of our planet might have something to teach each of us about our personal water element that composes 70% of our body.  Awareness …The plastics we dump in our ocean waters may ultimately impact the very air we breathe…says a

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