Personal Sessions

Unleash your vitality
" It's like receiving a supportive hug from the inside out"
Let Your Light Shine
It provided a sense of clarity and vitality that I hadn't experienced in a long time
"Since integrating adaptogenic energy medicine into my daily routine, I've noticed a subtle but significant shift in my energy levels."
"Using adaptogenic energy medicine has opened my eyes to the power of holistic approaches to well-being."
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So pleased you are here!

“I’m a new client of adaptogenic energy medicine, I’m amazed by how it seamlessly integrates into my daily routine, providing me with a sustained, steady stream of energy without any harsh side effects”

As a healthcare professional, I specialize in guiding individuals through physical, emotional and life upsets.

I use Adaptogenic Energy Medicine to support their natural resilience.

With 27 years of experience, I’ve helped many clients achieve balance and healing.

Many of us *

*Struggle with overwhelming emotions or a difficult situation

*Wish for more harmony in your life

*Have forgotten how it  feels to be yourself 

*Want to laugh more laugh more

I can help you

Experience Holistic Approach: Our sessions will encompass various techniques and practices, including breath work, mindfulness, energy healing. 

With the integration of Adaptogenic Energy Medicine to support your body’s natural energy systems.

Transformational Results: Together, we’ll work towards sustainable changes that go beyond just temporary boosts.

We will help you cultivate long-term resilience and well-being.


Personal Session


Distance Session


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Often asked about…

private session via phone or video or distance w/text ?

  • Together we review how you are feeling.
  • We discuss your intentions for our session.
  • Source leads ” the f l o w ” guiding my hands (and heart) in front of the screen as a proxy to places or aspects of your higher self that  seek extra support or harmony.
  • It may feel neutral or create sensation in one or both of us as my hands flow.
  • One session may feel quite different from the next due to the ever-changing circumstances of intentions.
  • Guided by Source my hands will check in with and introduce this. energy with your heart.

  • We may chat during the session or we may be in focused silence depending on what your higher self needs.
  • Sometimes Source has words of explanation or questions for your expansion, helping your heart heart awaken to new revelations that may come suddenly or sometime soon. This too is Source-led.
  • There are myriad ways people feel the energy. Some feel only the subtlest wonder while the Source-flow moves. Others experience sensation-a warming, cooling, or tingling-even the feeling of love, peace,, or joy. Some become contemplative, some bliss out, others become emotional, touched by the purity of Source’s love. Every person, every session may unfold a new experience. The depth or intensity is not reflective of the success or impact of the session. We all have different ways to receive and flow with the energy of Source in this modality.
  • We will review your perceptions and experiences as we close the session.

Have you considered our GROUP Intention Circle?

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