About Tessa

 “helping you become your better self – Faster,

To live the life of your dreams”

Is there something you have come to BE and Do?

I learned early on to develop and tap into my passion and enthusiasm for life.

This ability to summon and activate my internal skill-sets has proven to help me help others.
I had no idea these internal skills would turn into life skills that I would use in all parts of my life.
So what drives you to become more – BE more – summon your passions?

Tessa’s Life Adventures

I hardly ever talk about my travel adventures.
I want you to get to know me so I’ll share some…not to brag just to offer possibilities.
I got to travel in Europe and Africa for just under 3 years. I’ve gotten to live in Alaska and the Sahara desert. 
I started this more as a personal vision quest- OH MY!  I got to prove for myself that I can do anything I set my intentions on.
I really needed to test that premise out for myself.
My travels taught me common sense. This is such a useful skill to navigate life with. So just a few highlights…
🔹 I traveled with friends and crossed the Sahara desert in the middle of summer in a van with 2 large dogs.
           Crazy? Yes.
Fun? Not so much. Worth it? Absolutely!
🔹 I got to crew on a 45 ft wooden sailboat off the coast of Africa and got to live on a Portuguese island called BRAVA where I was ‘adopted’ by an island family and danced in the streets with the children. Fun? YES!
🔹I’ve lived in extreme weather be it intense heat in the Sahara desert or intense cold in Alaska. What did I learn from this? I prefer moderate temps AND I can live just about anywhere.
🔹I’ve gotten to live on a Caribbean Island for 6 months and over come my fear of drowning.
🔹 I’ve gotten to work on a 25 ft salmon fishing boat in Southeast Alaska and got to experience nature untouched.

Did I mention common sense is not necessarily common.

Some of my earliest experiences taught me to deeply tap into my inner resources. This was the beginning of my knowing that my time freedom was a very high priority for me. I also learned that my hard work and focused efforts would save my life more than once. (The Sahara was a good teacher for me)
I am tenacious and heart centered and driven to help others. My clients can attest to that. I see folks for the amazing BEing they are and can become. Often way before they see it in themselves.
So thanks for reading my short tale here.
I am really curious about YOU.
What are your needs?
What would you like to create?

How can I help you become your better self, now?  You matter!

So I have created some FAST-EASY-FUN-EFFICIENT (FEFE) self-improvement tools (BEcodes & 🎧 audios) that not only changed my life but set me on a path to help others.

I have successfully run my own Wellness and Coaching practice for 20+ years.
I learned early on that everything is energy and that I can apply my self-improvement plus energy medicine to helping businesses as well as bodies.

It’s really rather easy- once you 

1. Make your intentions simple
2. Apply my simplified products & practices to your thoughts and actions in your business, life, health and play!
3.Repeat, repeat, repeat until you embody the new YOU!

So here’s my offer to you.

  • Take a gander at the BEcodes and the  🎧 Audio store.
  • Start with the ZIP-line BEcode…you’re gonna love the ride.
  • Try our FREE Life Hacks.
  • BE curious and brave and contact me with your questions 
My personal vision is a big one.
My vision is of a tribe of like-hearted BEings who come ready to succeed and want more in their lives. Folks that are excited to live a life of excitement and fun and intention. Financially healthy.

I can help you become your better self – Faster

My goals include meeting others and sharing these flows as we attract a tribe of like- hearted BEings to up- level our time-freedom- and financial freedom here and now.

To live the life of your dreams

I am honored to be able to take this journey with you.
Tessa Brauer

Follow me?



Let’s connect-How to contact me?

Email: TessaBe.net@gmail.com

Call: Office number- 360.866.4883

Purchase: BEcode or Healing Audios



Tessa Brauer is a highly empathic intuitive who is skilled in combining self-improvement with energy medicine.

She is working in business and self-awareness coaching since the early 80’s.

Tessa also blends massage therapy with her other businesses since 1990.

She creates exciting new forms of functional energy medicine (BEcodes & Audio Trainings) .

Tessa offers these to support Fast success in practical business endeavors.

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