Intuit. Healer. Teacher. Happy Heart.
Helping Women in OVERwhelm Reclaim Your Peace with SOUND Energy
Hi there,
I’m Tessa Brauer.
My relationship with overwhelm has been both my toughest challenge and my most enlightening mentor.
Throughout life’s twists and turns, I’ve curated a toolbox of tactics to confront and calm overwhelming moments, and I’m keen to bring these tools to you.
My early years introduced me to the dance of OVERWHELM. Despite a turbulent family backdrop of abuse, neglect and family addiction to substances- I tried to find my footing.
But a pivotal moment in my 20s shook my world: an unexpected call about my father’s sudden rush to the hospital.
Racing to his side, I clung to the hope, “This is just a warning-he will be okay.” Yet, destiny had a different plan, propelling me into the role of the primary family pillar.
In the whirlwind of emotions, when my Aunt posed the inevitable question of “What’s next?”, my heart responded with,
“Navigating one day at a time.”
And that became my beacon.
Later in life, I confronted another mammoth challenge.
Burnout, deteriorating health, and emotional dips became my unwelcome companions.
While aiding clients through their storms, I recognized the depth of my own entanglement with overwhelm.
But, fortified by diverse healing modalities, research, and my inner compass,
I charted a path to rejuvenation and clarity.
My life is a testament to the rejuvenating magic of determination and introspection.
Today, I stand as a lifelong learner, eager to share and enlighten from my lived experiences.
Overwhelm is not a life sentence.
With the right strategies, we can transition from chaos to a serene, vibrant, and empowered existence.
Join me on this transformative journey.

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  • Certified as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner 

  • Certified as an Activated Spaces Healing (ASH) Practitioner

  • Licensed as a Massage Therapist (LMT)

  • Certified as a Medical Intuit

Tessa facilitates exciting new forms of vibrational energy modalities such as GROUP Tunes & Audio Trainings.