Conduit. Happiness Mentor. Happy❣️Heart.


My name is Tessa Brauer.

Through many of my life’s storms, I’ve developed ways to find calm in the chaos.

 It’s my heartfelt desire to share these gentle yet effective strategies with you.

Growing up, I often felt unsupported and alone, learning early on to self-navigate my overwhelming emotions. Diagnosed with food allergies, obesity, and thyroid dysfunction my childhood was filled with physical & emotional pitfalls..

The sudden illness and death of my father in my 20s intensified these feelings, pushing me to confront loss and unforeseen responsibilities, as the whisper of hope was often drowned out by the tidal waves of reality.

In those moments of uncertainty, my response to questions about the future was simply, “Take it one step at a time”—words that became my light in the darkness.

As time went on, I faced more trials, battling with my own well-being due to relentless stress, over scheduling and neglecting my own health needs.
This journey, with its shadows of mood swings and depression, became a mirror, reflecting my own emotional struggles with burnout and overwhelm.

As an answer to my prayers and by embracing various holistic healing modalities, sprinkled with my own intuitive insights, and backed by my client’s clinical successes, I rediscovered health, joy and purpose in my life.

My experiences attest to the transformative possibilities of consistent lifestyle changes resulting from resilience and self-reflection.
I continue to grow and learn, and I am deeply committed to imparting the wisdom acquired throughout my journey with others.


Email: TessaBe.net@gmail.com

Call: Office number- 360.866.4883

  • Certified as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner 
  • Certified as an Activated Spaces Healing (ASH) Practitioner
  • Licensed as a Massage Therapist (LMT)
  • Certified as a Medical Intuit
Tessa facilitates exciting new forms of vibrational energy modalities such as GROUP Tunes & Audio Trainings.