Tessa’s Testimonials


It’s always fun to hear  about another’s life experience? 

I learn so much with each session I facilitate.

I consider my clients my  teachers.


Your voice…
I love hearing your voice. It makes me smile.
Our sessions have inspired me to create a new possibility in my life.
I am SO excited! 
I am grateful!
I so appreciate your guidance and your energy work. You helped me so much and I am grateful!


My Finger doesn’t work!

BEFORE: I have been experiencing serious pain and swelling in my right middle finger for the past two days. Drinking a lot of water. 

AFTER Session: I have a completely new hand! Pain is gone, flexibility is back. ..and it looks the same as the other hand! THANK YOU! 


I used your RESET (Life Hack Free) …and it was really good!
I think I’ll use this RESET everyday…maybe at the end of the day. It really helped clear me of some emotional trauma I didn’t even know I had!   
~ Carol

Excruciating PAIN!

Recently, I suddenly started feeling excruciating pain in my abdomen, intense nausea and light-headedness. I thought it must be related to my moon time and blood sugar, so after it passed I thought I would be okay.

However, it continued to come in waves for the next three days, during which I had traveled out of town to celebrate an anniversary. It was so painful and unusual I was seriously considering going to the hospital.

I really didn’t want to miss out on my vacation….so I contacted Tessa to see if there was anything she could do remotely.

She began working on me from a distance and my abdomen immediately started gurgling, a sure sign that something was changing. About a half hour after our short emergency appointment, my nausea was almost completely gone and my stomach pain had disappeared. The trip was saved and I haven’t experienced the symptoms since! I am so grateful to Tessa’s gifts!

~ Darcy

Best Sit Down!

Tessa’s energy sessions are remarkable. I always leave them with the feeling of resolve for the purpose of the session.

I can feel her work as well. She recommends people to be sitting down and there is a good reason for that.

Long story short…

Tessa is a miracle worker!


Sweet Awakening
Thank you so much for this…
And thank you for our session this weekend.
What a relief/release….and a sweet awakening.
I am feeling much lighter and more spacious and able to address the questions right before me.

Someones Inner Rage…has this happened to you?

I recently had an experience where someone released their inner rage on me. That evening, I processed through it by talking to a friend and thought I released the experience but two days later as I was listening to Tessa’s “Life Hack: Reset” I realized residue from that encounter was still in my energy field. After listening to the Reset, the residue was gone. Later that day, I had a very clear, productive conversation with the person that I know would not have happened if I hadn’t listened to Tessa’s Reset. I plan on listening to it on a regular basis to keep my energy field clear. What a powerful gem! ~Carol

ASH increased my sales!!?

Market Sales

I was selling my art at a local holiday market and Tessa had offered to do an ASH healing session around this for me to help bost sales. My booth was packed with people for most of the event and it ended up being my most successful show yet, both energetically and monetarily.

Many other vendors told me how it had been a really slow year for them, but they noticed how busy my booth was! I was so thankful for Tessa’s assistance and all the lovely customers I had!

~ Darcy

Tessa Helped Close MY Real Estate Deals

I am a successful Real Estate Broker. I sold $7 million in 2017.

I use Tessa’s energy work to help me with my real estate closings.

Her energy work shifted my latest transactions within minutes of our session resulting in ….

Within 2 hours of Tessa’s session with me, two really prickly, drawn out, enmeshed  residential home deals closed!

Jaw dropping experience for me. 

This has happened to me more than once with Tessa’s energy work!

It’s a miracle for me to see a really stuck business deal change before my eyes and conclude in my favor with my $money$ in my bank account!

I am REALLY grateful for Tessa in my life and work.


I am Blessed!

I feel better! I noticed a great change after you started!

Thank you SO much!

It has given me a boost up instead of the uncertain and possible downward spiral I was experiencing…


Distance Knows NO Distance

(I’m in Paris, France)

Thank you so very much for energetically working with, and creating with me, Tessa. 

First, getting clear on what I wanted to create, and then taking it to a level without limitations — was incredibly supportive, right from the start!

As we began to energetically work together, I could feel you co-creating with me; it literally felt like my hands were being lovingly held. 

A warmth, joy, and excitement swept over me, and washed away the doubt, fear and frustration I had around the issue we were working with. 

There was actually so much effervescently bubbling up, beautiful tears of happiness were present. 

In the 24 hours since we worked together, I have had two people offer to support me in creating EXACTLY what we worked with! 


I was deeply unhappy…

I recently did a linked 3-session  package with Tessa to work on some longstanding feelings of heaviness and despair I had been having for the last year.

I was deeply unhappy and having so much trouble creating any sort of change in my life, despite some serious effort. We did the sessions over a month and a half and my whole world and being seems to have changed in this time.

I was able to embrace the way I was feeling, not as a wrongness, but as a transformation and a capacity. THEN, things started to REALLY move in the physical world. 

I found new opportunities and passions that have made my heart sing.

My passion, excitement and positivity have been renewed. THANK YOU, Tessa!



My fur Baby had surgery…

My dog and I experienced an intense & scary attack by another dog.  It was a deeply traumatizing event for both of us.

My fur baby had surgery as well as post-op complications while I was experiencing great anxiety and  unable to sleep.

Tessa assisted me in clearing enough of the trauma so there was space for shifting the energy, which created some dynamic healing.

We came around much more quickly than I thought possible thanks to Tessa and her amazing skills!




I have become quite different…

Tessa, I have become quite different through the 3 sessions dancing 💃 with you.

I focus on positivity more of the time, I recognize my patterns immediately, and I switch to new ways of being in the moment.

I sit more and just Be, noticing many things in how my body feels with my new ways of thought patterns.

I am able to detach easier from the drama around me. I am tuning into more moments of awareness where my 💜 heart can relax and receive.

I am riding the 🌊 waves of my new being, and I realize I can breathe easier then ever before.