30 minute Personal Text Session


“Using Adaptogenic Energy Medicine Has Been Like Uncovering A Secret Weapon For Managing My Energy Levels. It’s A Subtle Yet Profound Support System That Keeps Me Feeling Balanced And Resilient Throughout The Day.”

30 minute sessions are transformational in scope.

Bring your intention and allow Tessa to support your systems in matching and adapting to your next steps.

What are you waiting for?

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“As a new client of adaptogenic energy medicine, I’m amazed by how it seamlessly integrates into my daily routine, providing me with a sustained, steady stream of energy and well-being without any harsh side effects.”

Tessa’s Adaptogenic Energy Medicine operates on the principle of supporting the body’s natural ability to adapt to stress, promoting balance and resilience. It’s like providing a gentle nudge to the body’s energy systems, helping them function optimally. *

We can accomplish SO much in 30 minutes. I an so excited for you.

“Exploring adaptogenic energy medicine has been an eye-opening experience. It feels like a holistic approach to enhancing my energy levels, helping me adapt to stressors more effectively and maintain a sense of equilibrium.”

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