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Hey there!

This is Tessa Brauer LMT

I have enjoyed 20+ years of using my generative hands-on-touch in massage with clients from all walks of life and all versions of pain patterns.

For me…Massage is not just about pushing, pulling, compressing, or stretching of the muscles & bones.

Sometimes I am called to BE a still point during your life’s storm..
While you process the grief of loss or the stressors of work or family…

I can provide you the quiet safe harbor for the emotional release you need to have for your nervous system to restore itself .

I can just BE with you as a measure of comfort to assist you in your process…

Sometimes having a witness is enough for you to create change in your body and life.

Have you ever known a kid that just loved to touch people? They gravitate to rubbing backs, shoulders or even feet?

That was me. I always could sense others pain, trauma, discomfort even as a child and just ‘knew’ how to help their bodies.

A very busy massage practice has encouraged me to offer you another way to receive my work.  You have told me how helpful my distance energy work is.

Many of you combine the Enhanced Grace Energy Support with your monthly massage session to really boost your continued well-BEing and generate more Life vitality.*


*Ask me about Your SPECIAL Package pricing?


So if it’s been a while since you have felt like this if ever…contact me.


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As someone once told me…

The BEST is hardly good enough!

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My Office…sighhhhhhh.

For tips on the latest self-care, generative meditations & support in finding your happy…

Let Love have the last word..

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