Are you an Intender?

3 ways you might be using your intentions against yourself??

Hey there… hope this TessaBE Love note finds you well and in joy?

What is an Intender anyway? One who intends consciously. An influencer.

What is intention? Intention is a purposeful plan which will lead to a desirable outcome…a plan directed by an intenders own actions.

What does intention have to do with Quantum Physics? Actually it is one of the basic premises of QP…the influence on the particle by the simple act of BEing observed by the observer. (you)

Please know I am not a scientist nor am I a physicist and yet I am trained in using Quantum Physics in my remote healing practice and in my everyday life.(with every thought I make.)

It occurred to me that my service to the planet could be improved if I became more aware of my thoughts and how I might ‘amplify’ (my skill set) them to create more happiness in my life and my world.

How did I make this happen?

A thought is a thing that influences other things’ says Lynne McTaggart in her book ‘The Intention Experiment.’

or in my words consciousness affects matter..

This is quantum physics greatly simplified.

So with each thought I have – I influence not only what I’m thinking about… but also all of the ‘matter’ (physical world) around me ..according to the Science of Quantum Physics.

With me so far?

What if I/you could harness the creative power of my/your thoughts by intending with specific heart centered purposefulness?

What if we could?

So let’s take this one step further…

What if a group of light ( like ) hearted people come together and directed their thoughts to balance or heal a situation or a disease or homelessness? Can you imagine a world based in enlighten (light within) intention?

This is part of the premise that our Group of Intenders called The Power of 12²  is being created from.

I am inviting you to learn more about this group of intenders.. about how you can participate as well as hone your skills while ‘influencing our world with a purposeful heart aligned plan’ on world issues/healing family & friends/ personal upleveling.

What else is possible?

‘I’m embracing my fears and inviting them to walk with me as I step forward..” Tessa Brauer

Next step:

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Thank you for BEing../you

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Isn’t this too exciting for words?

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