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Helping the helpless

Up-leveling the well-BEing and safety of our children 

Enjoy a 5 min healing session offered by Tessa for P12² Intenders.

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 BE the change and solution with minimal time and maximal affect.

Scientific studies show the many beneficial effects of group attention if held for 12 minutes a day for a week. The participants of these scientific studies were focusing on a specific picture while intending. What was really surprising to the scientists was the immense benefits actually received by the ones in the group holding the intention.

Apply new skill sets that will change your life AND benefit the world around you!

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Our group meets once a month with Tessa Brauer by phone to celebrate our experiences and sync up. This call will be recorded for ease of listening.

There is a Go-To-Resource page with written and recorded support, a place to comment and share and so much more. These  offerings contain many layers of gentle remote healing to assist each member in their personal journey in Power of 12².

Research has shown the effectiveness of group focused intending. We experience the best results using the same simple intention for 7 consecutive days for 12 minutes. Participants find the self-guided 12 minute meditation to be both relaxing and expansive.

Everything you need is provided in this page as well as email resources.

“It’s as if my brain is wired to a bigger network”

“Like I had a white glow around my body with a white cylinder connecting my body and everyone else’s to the target.”


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Each month each person in the group will be asked to donate to a charity or worthy cause of their choice. If funds are not available then perhaps an hour of volunteer time to that organization?

This gift back to our communities is a weaving of the geometries of our intending into the physical texture of this reality.

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