“BEcodes help you become your better self – Faster,

To live the life of your dreams”

BEcodes help you

✦ BElieve in Yourself

✦ BEcome your better self

✦ BEgin your self-improved life

ZIP-line BEcode (1.0)



Is your life like a ZIP-Line Ride? Too Fast, Kind of scary, lots of anxiety most of the time?

Living with only one thin cord that holds your Life together as you know it?

You know you gotta let go and jump in and yet you just can’t seem to. 

It just seems like too much to handle.

Now, imagine your harness and your cord and your zip line just got stronger, fortified, reinforced, with feelings of tranquility steadily settling into your life and body.

Suddenly you know you can move forward making healthy choices, with measurable personal growth  and with more ease.

You begin the ride of your LIFE!

Your life becomes an adventure of startling discovery and self-improvement.

WELCOME to your ZIP-line BEcode!

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Enjoy the jump!

The price will only go up from here. ($1.64 a day!)

90 day BeCode – scanning 24/7 support

3 months @$49 a month= $147 

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ZL BEcode

DEEP.dive BEcode (2.0)



Okay…you’ve definitely improved your life skills with your Zip-Line BEcode! 

Now you’re ready for your next adventure.

With your new strengthened alignments you can take the next step to ‘DEEP-dive’ into your expanded personal growth.

You will create more enlivened possibilities. Enjoy the refreshing ways you create your personal self-improvement.

BEcodes help You BEcome Your Better-Best Self – FASTER!

This price is a celebration! ($2.17 a day!)

90 day BeCode – scanning 24/7 support

3 months @$65 a month= $195 

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DD BEcode

Higher.SELF BEcode (3.0)



Higher.Self BEcode helps you embrace your bigger mission to transfer and transform your life.

What if you actually have a ‘Higher Self’ that is always there for you?

With your up-graded Zip-Line and enhanced abilities to Dive-Deep into life- you’re ready to meet a better version and live the life of your dreams!

In this custom Higher.SELF BeCode (3.0), Better hold onto your hat! BEcodes are cumulative…so all the shifts received in ZIP.Line BEcode (1.0) and DEEP.dive BEcode (2.0) build exponentially.

BEcodes help You BEcome Your Better-Best Self – FASTER!

90 day BeCode – scanning 24/7 support

This price will only go UP!

3 months @$80 a month= $240

($2.67 a day is such a value!)

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HS BEcode

BEcode 4.0 is in Beta-testing now


Hey there!

I am so honored to be able to take this journey with you.

Why?  Because I know something that you don’t.

I’ve seen this easy to use and transformative form of self-improvement help so many become their Better Self-faster in order to live the life of their dreams!

  • BEcodes will help you BEcome your better self FASTER by eliminating blocks and patterns as you replace them with your Better – self’s knowing ways.
  • BEcodes can BE instant anxiety relievers as you deepen your trust that you are divinely supported.
  • BEcodes gently hold your hand as you walk thru life stronger and more grounded in your personal growth.



  • You become part of Tessa Brauer’s Global Master Healing list as you learn to trust that every moment is divinely crafted just for you.
  • You’ll receive monthly email supports with hidden treasures and blessings.
  • BEcome a part of the growing movement of light BEings who have come to help our planet at this incredible time in its history.

I love Being able to serve you in this way.  💜 

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter Sharing Space, with offerings that are loaded with heath-ful info, recipes for success and discounts on our other products and services.

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How it works-

  • BEcodes™ come to you in 90 day sets.
  • This strategy gives you more space for  integrating these higher frequencies. 
  • Start with 24/7 Source scanning, individualized help with BEcode 1.0
  • After 90 days go to BEcode 2.0 or repeat Becode 1.0
  • You will also receive email support created to help you in your journey to enliven and enlighten your life.
  • Questions?
Tessa’s Phone sessions and the Be Codes have been invaluable to me.
I managed to buy my home after a few light bulb moments as a result of our sessions.
This process was so smooth it was definitely Divinely guided for optimal outcome.
This was just one aspect of the miracles I experienced working with Tessa.

I highly recommend the Be codes and the one on one sessions.”

“I am a do-er and achiever and really like to be in control of my life. It causes a lot of tension and stress in my body and I feel like I’m always fighting to fit my life in a contorted box.
At my last Bars appointment with Tessa she helped me see that there are two sides to every coin — that I can still achieve things but balance it with the other side of my personality that is filled with love, ease, and gentleness. That I can sit back, allow others to help, and let things flow more. This has created a great shifting in my outlook and body and things are actually running much more smoothly with way less stress, tension, and effort!
Life changing!”
~Darcy Goedecke


BEcodes™ are rapid helping tools by Source to scan and heal your physical, mental, emotional energy systems.

  • BEcodes™ are Source’s energetic gift to you to eliminate blocks and patterns, replacing them with new up-leveled patterns that match your life-print.
  • BEcodes™ help you live your better life version faster.
  • BEcodes™ can BE instant anxiety relievers.
  • BEcodes™ are as unique to each person as snow flakes are to each other.
  • BEcodes™ are rapid helping tools by Source to scan your physical, mental, emotional and energy systems.BEcodes™ clear old patterns and blockages 24/7. Source replaces them with new up-leveled patterns that match your heart’s desire.

Imagine the best version of you- BEcodes™ help you make it happen now.

BEcodes™ rinse out and clear your spaces of lingering residue and energetic lint you have picked up. 

This clarity is rare. This is a gift of spirit to spirit.

You are scanned 24/7 for conscious, subconscious and hidden issues and blocks. This is done by Source and starts within 3 hours of your subscription.

If you are receiving any combination of Tessa’s healing offerings and/or someone else’s healing, this program will help you heal your issues at least 100 trillion x faster than with those healing programs by themselves. You will never feel over processed with Tessa’s work.

As we all have noticed through world changing events- we are in a new paradigm- a new phase of evolution. We are being held accountable for our light frequencies at a new level. BEcodes simply help you heal faster and can steer you from possible life mis-steps by 24/7 elimination of lower frequency patterns. Mis-steps can show up as poor choices or attracting encounters that can result in lowering your frequency of health and life styles.

If you are receiving any combination of Tessa’s healing offerings and/or someone else’s healing, this BEcode™ will help you heal your issues at least 100 trillion x faster than with those healing programs by themselves. You will never feel over processed with Tessa’s work.

1-24/7 energetic scans constantly supporting your highest and best.

2-What if your highest and best just got better by influencing your choices to be in better resonance with YOU?

3-Help with transforming old beliefs and installing new beliefs that align you and align with you.

4-Opens your life force and strengthens your etheric field.

5-Can assist in growing bone and strengthening muscles while delivering 222 essential nutrients as needed.

6-Harmonizes your home and heals long held trauma.

7-Transmutes curses, spells, vows, karma, karmic ties while raising your frequency.

8-Gently activates 24 strands of DNA.

9-Heals on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and soul levels.

10-Naturally unwinds emotional stressors.

11-Re-patterns your energetic blueprint while restoring the health of your cells.

12-Facilitates ease in your financial, relationship, career, and health challenges.

13-Tessa also includes you in her Master Healing list. 

Tessa Brauer is a master healer and teacher. She offers her clients a special group healing daily while she is in prayer. These are very high frequencies and enhance the other gifts you receive.


DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own well being and the choices you make. We will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general information purposes.

WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH TESSA BRAUER OR HER COMPANIES are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.

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