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Tessa Brauer 

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Tessa Brauer is a highly intuitive empath & master healer who has been working with energy since the early 80’s and has blended with massage therapy since 1990.

She has practiced and taught various modalities, but now works intuitively with Source in remote healing BEcodes™ & Enhanced Grace Healing™ .

Thank you for considering me for your well-ness needs and rest assured that you are in expert hands.

Do you ever feel: anxious?  unhappy?  in pain?

May I offer my help?

From stress relief to pain relief, I only offer wellness sessions and products that have proven to be safe and effective.

If I offer it, you can be confident I believe in it.

From my Tessa 1-1Sessions to my FREE Life Hacks
my well-ness offerings have one singular intent behind them…to help you help yourself.

This is your one-stop shop for feeling amazing as you step back into your life.

Contact me here.

Let Love have the last word in assisting you…

Your voice…
I love hearing your voice. It makes me smile.
Our sessions have inspired me to create a new possibility in my life.
I am SO excited! 

Do you have questions?

I offer a FREE 15 minute Consult for you to meet me and ask your specific questions in person.

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