Tessa 1:1 Session

Thank you, Tessa!
I appreciate your wonderful insights and guidance. You pinpoint the issues and then help them change.  ~ Katie

Your Personal Tessa Session

This is your in-person 1:1 energy healing session with Tessa.

This session will amplify the benefits of your Enhanced Grace Healing™ & BEcodes™ and any other healing modality you are using by trillions of times faster.
Bring your questions, your concerns and Source thru Tessa will address each and every one.
Tessa is very empathic and kind.
Tessa will help you create more success in 40 minutes than you could on your own.
This is a cosmic moment to take action. Simply ‘add to cart’ and you will receive the ‘how’ in your email. 

Is now the time?

(one)- 40 min session for $70

(two)- 40 min sessions for $133

Do you have questions before you book your session?

Tessa offers a FREE 15 minute consult for you to meet her and ask her your specific questions.

Contact Tessa to book your session or ask your question at:  TessaBe.net@Gmail.com

Title email: FREE Consult

Tessa, your work is above & beyond helpful.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and letting the world see who you are and how gifted a healer you are.

~ Carol

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