Individual Bio-field Sessions

How does Bio-Field Energy Work?

Research shows- Whoever or Whatever we take our awareness to- energy follows –

 “Chi flows where the mind goes.”  

When Tessa tunes in to her client from a distance, a non-local connection is established between Tessa- the healer, her client and Source (the Universal Field of Consciousness). Through this connection, the body remembers its innate health and begins to readjust and release patterns of upset and mis-alignment.

Heart Math tells us that the heart is the gateway to the universal field of information, the portal through which the manifest world arises. In an embryo, the heart is the first organ to develop in the body. 

It makes sense that when we meet another Being in the heart, we connect with the origin of the body- as one body- connecting with the depths of our BEing, of our real Self.

So as we orient to the heart, we invite old hurt and traumas to ‘return home’, therefore allowing the energy of old contractions and pain to be released and therefore transmuted.


Whether you are new to my work or a long time friend- I welcome you and feel so honored that you are here.

Thank You for Caring and Sharing- Cheers


What is Distant Bio-Field Energy Healing?

Distant Bio-Field Energy Healing is the natural capacity within each of us to connect with a person at a distance to enable their body to heal itself.

Tessa does not need to be physically present with you- her client- as the healing is equally effective over any distance, whether you are in another room, another town or on the other side of the globe.

Individual sessions

What happens during Distant Bio-Field Session with Tessa?

Distant healing sessions are conducted with the client lying down or sitting comfortably at a designated time.
Tessa uses a photograph of her client to help connect.
In the course of the healing session, the client may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, cold, muscle twitches, or even pain, as energetic blocks shift.
Sometimes emotions do come to the surface and these are always encouraged and so very welcome.
Some clients may drift off to sleep.
Tessa only works at the pace that suits her client and only on the issues that her client is ready to address.

One 75 minute Session


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1:1 remote animal helping session

Our 4 🐾 friends often get into jams where they just don’t feel well.

Have you noticed that when they hurt- you hurt?

What if there is a simple remedy for them that doesn’t involve pills or medicine?

Because our 4 🐾 friends are pure love they often respond to this form of help quickly and easily.

This is a “silent” distant healing, meaning we will not be in contact during the session, but Tessa will follow up afterwards in email with what Tessa was able to observe and change energetically.

One 40-minute Session

Special 🐾 pet pricing


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“Tessa’s Phone sessions and the Be Codes have been invaluable to me.

I managed to buy my home after a few light bulb moments as a result of our sessions.
This process was so smooth it was definitely Divinely guided for optimal outcome.
This was just one aspect of the miracles I experienced working with Tessa.

I highly recommend the Be codes and the one on one sessions.” ~Paulina

“I am a do-er and achiever and really like to be in control of my life. It causes a lot of tension and stress in my body and I feel like I’m always fighting to fit my life in a contorted box. At my last Bars appointment with Tessa she helped me see that there are two sides to every coin — that I can still achieve things but balance it with the other side of my personality that is filled with love, ease, and gentleness. That I can sit back, allow others to help, and let things flow more. This has created a great shifting in my outlook and body and things are actually running much more smoothly with way less stress, tension, and effort!
Life changing!”
~Darcy Godecke

Tessa is a wonderful heart-centered healer. The wisdom, generosity and kindness shown during our time together left me feeling inspired and uplifted. Tessa is an exceptionally positive, loving, and caring soul with rare skills that help enliven the inner intelligence of body, mind and spirit to facilitate self-healing.  With all my heart and deepest appreciation and gratitude for all that she is – she has my highest recommendation! 

~M.Grove, Seattle, WA   

(After my husband's ASH sessions with you) He was feeling so great today; he says he knows he’s getting better. His mood was pretty terrific today and he was unusually helpful around the house. Thank you so much!


Tessa-from your ADV Healing Session - I am sensing this is when we both realized our deeper souls connection and chose/committed to our close relationship to hold so much love and priority for this lifetime. Grace✨ Gratitude✨ Tenderness ✨ Breathing in & Out -peace, ease & presence ✨ Letting Go


Thank you, Tessa!
I appreciate your wonderful insights and guidance. You pinpoint the issues and then help them change.


Kali Before Tessa Animal Energy Medicine
Kali 2 weeks After Tessa Energy Medicine Session

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