My Marvellous Morning

So…Which version are you? Jump out of bed with energy and excitement or do you roll over and hit the snooze alarm to put off the inevitable? I’ve been both. Until I started carving 60 minutes each morning for me, myself, and I! So here goes…

I’m borrowing this acronym article from Rebecca Pendelton to help all of us laugh our way thru a hard but exceptionally effective way to create a personal platform from which will rise a self-transformed phoenix. Too much?

Hang with me…it’s worth the ride. 
After a bit of trial and error, I’ve landed upon a fairly ridiculous acronym that:

  • Is memorable
  • Makes me laugh
  • Is personal to me (but feel free to steal it, or make your own)
  • Is aspirational (it’s so freaking long that I challenge myself every day to complete it)

Enough suspense. My word is MARVELLOUS. Moreover, the full acronym becomes: WHAT A MARVELLOUS DAY.

I told you it was ridiculous.

But it works for me.

(Before you say it, yes I do know that Marvellous only has one L in American English. But I’m a British overachiever, so I like my extra L, thank you very much.)

Let’s start with the core word: MARVELLOUS

M is for Meditate

I use Headspace for 10 minutes in the morning. I like this word better than ‘Silence’ because it’s an active word and feels like I can cross something off my day. Plus, ‘SARVELLOUS’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Heh.

A is for Acknowledge

This is one of my favourites. For this step, I write down three very specific things I am grateful for.

This might be “my coffee tasted particularly delicious this morning” or “my plant sprouted a new leaf!” The more specific the gratitude, the better.

Secondly, I contact three people in my life that I am grateful for. I leave them a little voice note saying hello, or just write them a short Whatsapp message.

Acknowledging the people and things in your life that make it worth living is a great way to start the day.

R is for Reflect

Here I’m essentially journalling: writing down how I’m feeling, what’s going well, what’s worrying me. I set a timer for 10 minutes and just get everything out onto the page.

V is for Visualise

This one is fun. I draw a quick sketch of what I want to achieve that day or that week (or even a life goal) and then close my ideas and picture myself doing it.

The pictures are so terrible that this also makes me laugh in the morning. Here is an example:

I told you it was rubbish.

Anyway, the important thing is closing the ideas and picturing the before, during and after of the goal — helping to cement it in your mind and make yourself believe it’s possible.

E is for Empower

Another one I stole from the Miracle Morning technique. Instead of Affirmations, I call this ‘Empower’ (mainly to fit into the word Marvellous).

Based on how my mood is, I’ll write down a couple of motivational statements and then whisper them to myself. I feel like a bit of a freak doing it, but goddammit, it does make me feel better.

L is for List five good ideas

This is one that I took from an article by Tim Denning. In it, he describes how James Altucher started a habit of writing down 10 ideas in the morning, and how it changed his life.

I tried 10, and I found it really difficult. But five is totally manageable. In fact, my L was originally “List 10 good ideas,” and now it’s just “List five ideas.” I’ve taken away the pressure of making the ideas “good” — and instead I’m just focusing on the practice of daily creative thinking.

Phew! Let’s have a little break, shall we? We’ve achieved a lot. And to be honest, if you just want to stop there because you’re running a bit behind with the rest of your day — no worries, you’ve already achieved the word MARVEL (which is a way better word than SAVERS). And it even makes sense, because you can MARVEL at your achievement. Ha!

However, the next four are pretty useful and I end up naturally doing the first one anyway, so then it makes me want to complete the LOUS to get to the word MARVELLOUS. Sneaky, right?

L is for List out daily goals

Another list. But this is for your tasks and goals for the day. It’s your basic bitch to-do list. Get it all down on the page, in a task list tool, or into a notebook. I use TikTock (and I plan to write about how great this app is at a later date).

Nothing special here. Check! Time to move on.

O is for Organise the day in (colourful) blocks

Back to the fun. Colours! All of the colours. And blocks. (I am a child.)


Not my calendar, but an example of time blocking.

U is for Understand three personal priorities and three possible pitfalls

S is for Stretch

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