BEcode Energetics™

Life Hacks™

Quick Energetic Fixes all under 9 minutes. You asked for this and I created it just for you. Many come twice a day to use these safe and simple body, mind, & spirit balancing LIFE HACKS™.

Soon you will be able to own your own copy.

Enhanced Grace™

Enhanced Grace Healing will help you with your life, with your health & with your day to day traumas. What if you could receive 24/7 updates to your energy systems, health & happiness with no effort on your part?  Click to visit our Enhanced Grace Healing™ page to learn how. 


Our team has created higher frequency encodings that support you in BEing happier, richer, healthier (depending on which BEcode™ you choose). The BEcodes™ also work with your out-dated interference patterns. Like a VERY efficient and fast ‘house cleaner’  these patterns are trashed and replaced with healthy high-frequency, self-sustaining light patterns.

abuse. healing. BEcodes™

Never before have the Abuser and the Abused been able to receive healing and end the cycle of abuse patterning.

Free yourself and your loved ones with this. A truly price-less gift

Go to the Abuse Healing Codes™ page to learn more.

 BEcode 2.0™ 

These BEcodes™ target specific bandwidths of interfering patterns and long held trauma and pain. Our team has created and tested the efficiency of these BEcodes™ proving they are Trillions of times faster than any other energy-healing on the planet. Go to this page to figure out which ones will best help you and your loved ones.


 soul.BEcodes™ help you to facilitate your clarity and excitement in easily living  your Soul’s plan for this lifetime. With Source’s 24/7 scanning you will receive awarenesses and awakenings related to your soul-plan effortlessly.

This series of soul.BEcode’s is another gift from Source to you. These are the only BEcodes™ to date that are to be received sequentially. The bridging and clearing you receive here supports you in your next BEcode.soul ™. They build on one another. This initiates your higher silent-knowing. 

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