3 Ways to lower your STRESS

Stress levels have never been higher in our society than they are now. We are all looking for ways to get relief. 

As someone who works with clients 1 on 1,
I am aware that everyone that comes to me is seeking relaxation, help with anxiety and stress with a few takeaway tips to extend the therapeutic benefits from their session..


Tip 1-Studies show that when we come into  resonance with certain tones we create a parasympathetic AHHHHHHH response of relaxation.

OUR GROUP SOUND Event facilitates therapeutic relaxation and resets your nervous system.

Tip 2- Improve Your Vagas nerve tone- Place a finger gently into the hole of your ear and move your finger in light circles towards the back of your ear for a count of 10. Do this with both ears.

Signs that your Vagas nerve tone is low can be; Autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety, problems swallowing, IBS symptoms.. to name a few.

Tip 3- You can massage your spine and nervous system with a simple standing movement. Place your feet together, clasp your hands in front of your body, hanging midline, and keep your head and feet steady as you gently turn from one side to the other, Left to Right.

Start with 25 turns working up to 10 minutes a day.

If we can’t eliminate stress, then let’s use simple ways to reduce our stress levels?

To your health-
Tessa Brauer  

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