3 easy ways to live on-purpose

Just like it says “Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle” 
The same is true of intentional living or living on-purpose…it is a lifestyle.

Lifestyle means repetitive behavior or habits. So when we make kindness a lifestyle we are making it a daily habit.

This 3 min read will offer you 3 unusual supports in creating daily successes…moving you closer to ‘living on-purpose’…with purpose.

We could review all the latest neuroscience studies on all the influences in modern day culture that are creating and contributing to moment to moment states of confusion and overwhelm.
That’s not what this article is about. If you are like most of us, you know this is a very real balancing act for you and yours?
The following tips are offered to assist you now by simply engaging your resources a bit differently.

Tip 1

Open Eye Meditation is a version of slowing our breath and focusing on one thing at a time.

Matt Kahn speaks to this form of meditation so as to increase one’s attention span while deepening one’s ability to receive. If we are scattered and fragmented it is very difficult for us to receive. Receive messages from our children, from others from the boss that wants to congratulate you on a job well done. If you can lengthen your attention span it will also deepen your intention span.

How does this deepen your intentions? 

By practicing the gathering of all our energy-streams (thoughts, emotions, concerns, to-do lists etc) in one moment/space we create moments of clarity. We create moments of self-care. We create moments which lengthen into minutes which lengthen into larger spaces of self-aware presence.

Try it now?

Intend to become present in this moment. Say it to yourself.

I intend to BE present to myself.


What happened?

Tip 2

If you actually make yourself practice Tip 1 everyday at different times of the day you will start becoming aware of just how much actual author-ship you have over your life and become more intentional or present to what you are actually choosing to create.

Now read these words below ⤵️ three times…slowly .

Tip 3

Your body and therefore your life is always listening to you. ALWAYS!

Listen to yourself . Don’t edit what you are saying. Just listen.

You are creating your life in large part by what you are saying. When people start to practice self-listening and then start changing the words and then the emotions follow in step…their lives slowly begin to change.


Now combine breathe, open eyed meditation and listening to your words? 

Tip 3.5

What if you created an intention to do this 2-3 X a day? set your phone reminder?

Soon you will experience ever growing self-awareness virtualized by calmer space within.


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