Tessa Individual Phone/Zoom

I am so honored to be able to take this journey with you.



Tessa Individual Transformation ~Phone/Zoom

If you could quickly work thru a limiting pattern, phobia, or fear would you?

How might that change your life?*

*Perhaps…more ease

Talking thru a problem with added energy support

-no to low stress levels

-greater daily joy

-more fun no matter what is going on around you?

Tessa offers a individual phone session that combines Shaman+Soul Retrieval + A.S.H.+Adv EFT + Tessa’s own unique healing presence in a 65 minute Individual Phone session that transforms the stuck spaces allowing you to move forward.

Get even more out of your BEcodes or Grace Healing with this personal support.

(1) single 65 minute Phone/Zoom session-



“I feel like I can breathe again, since our session this morning.
I soooo appreciate your expertise.”

~ P.P.


(After my husband’s ASH sessions with you) “He was feeling so great today; he says he knows he’s getting better. His mood was pretty terrific today and he was unusually helpful around the house. Thank you so much!”

~ K.F.


Tessa-from your ADV Healing Session – I am sensing this is when we both realized our deeper souls connection and chose/committed to our close relationship to hold so much love and priority for this lifetime.
Grace✨ Gratitude✨ Tenderness ✨ Breathing in & Out -peace, ease & presence ✨ Letting Go



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