Tessa 1:1 Silent Virtual Energy Session

I am so honored to be able to take this journey with you.



Tessa 1:1 Remote (silent) Energy Medicine Session

Usually runs 40 minutes with 4 specific rounds per your emailed request after payment.

4 Rounds, each going deeper

40 minutes



“I feel like I can breathe again, since our session this morning.
I soooo appreciate your expertise.”

~ P.P.


(After my husband’s ASH sessions with you) “He was feeling so great today; he says he knows he’s getting better. His mood was pretty terrific today and he was unusually helpful around the house. Thank you so much!”

~ K.F.


Tessa-from your ADV Healing Session – I am sensing this is when we both realized our deeper souls connection and chose/committed to our close relationship to hold so much love and priority for this lifetime.
Grace✨ Gratitude✨ Tenderness ✨ Breathing in & Out -peace, ease & presence ✨ Letting Go



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