5 Life Lessons From My New Fake Nails

Hey there…Hoping this note finds you well?
Have you had a chance to read Mel Robbins Book High Five? 
She has a quirky sense of humor and is a NY Times Best Selling Author.

Mel’s 5 Life Lessons from her fake nails-

5. Stop taking yourself so seriously. This week, put fun back on the top of your list and do something unexpected…just for the fun of it.4. Try something new — it’s liberating. If you are like me, you eat the same foods, get the same haircut, cook the same five dinners, go to the same restaurants, and wear the same style of clothes. You’re in a rut. It’s time to try something new.3. Small, unexpected changes make you happier, more present, and engaged in your life. These nails make me look at everything differently…because I’m constantly looking at them, admiring them 🤣 And like Adele, they’ve made me more expressive because I’m constantly raising my hands in the air and spreading my fingertips as I’m talking…I can’t get enough of these things! 2. Even small changes change how people relate to you.Normally, I tend to just do everything myself but I’m so afraid to break these nails, I’ve been asking for lots of help. Chris, can you open up this can of seltzer for me? Hey Chris, could you help me put this into the car? Hey Chris…I could really get used to this…and I think Chris kinda likes the give and take too. Because…1. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of everyone else. You should see how everyone in my family is lining up and asking me to scratch their backs 😉 and I’ve gotta admit, it feels good to be needed. 

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