3 Easy Life Fixes- Manifesting Part 3

Greetings…we sincerely hope you are manifesting everything you are choosing to?

What is Indirect Manifestation and why use it?

Were you aware that most of us naturally use a form of Direct Manifestation? When we want to buy a new car most of us start ‘looking’ for the perfect car. 

We go online, start ‘searching’ all the pictures, stats, colors etc of the best car for our needs. Then we test drive, sit in and begin the process of ‘buying’ the best car we can afford. We directly move forward in tackling the best car we can.

How’s this working for you?

What if there is another form of manifestation that is easier and often times quicker.

Indirect Manifestation is simple, creates from our vast subconscious, is based in gratitude and intention and is fast.

We are picking up where we left off in our previous article Indirect Manifestation-Part 2.

Have you ever met someone who pushed their energy on you? For me an example is the old version of the unenlightened sales person or a friend who was REALLY excited about their latest discovery and they just can’t stop pushing their excitement on you?

What if the Universe is as sensitive to energy as you are?

Makes sense.

What if by focusing on ourselves in the Direct Manifestation form we are actually pushing our target or goal away from us?

What if by using Indirect Manifestation we access our subconscious in ways that our conscious minds can not grasp?

Let’s unpack this a bit more?

Envision something you have been yearning for? A new_______?

Your mind keeps going back to it…your desire for it seems to be overtaking your life and it keeps moving farther and farther away from you…never quite landing or arriving in your life.

Let’s try a different version?

Drop into your heart❣️ space and find something you are outrageously grateful for…the blue sky, your best friend, a new song? Now lock onto that feeling of grate-fullness…and create an intention …May _____ come to me in up-flowing ways.

Now let go of the yearning and allow the Universe to bring it to you in ways you can barely imagine!

So what are 3+ ways we benefit from using this new form of manifestation. (Besides getting what we want)

Here are just a few life-fixes: [PS: I dare you to actually use any of the fixes below in-daily-intending and actually live the fixes now][Ex: I intend new directions that will change my up-flow in my world, wealth & health] [Say/write it 7 days in a row…WOW]

❣️Intend in new directions that change the up-flow of your world, your health and your wealth.  Choose it!

❣️Feel harmony, joy because your ‘indirect’ heart beam frequencies up-flow to others. (We are all connected)

❣️Your body, mind & spirit receive what you are freely giving others. (We are all connected)

❣️The Universe ‘sees’ you as an expert in what you are giving and therefore gives you more of it. (ex- More stuff to be grateful for)

❣️Thru intending you develop your ‘inner’ muscles (abilities) in new, glorious ways to use in all facets of your life. (Better choices, kinder to self, actualize release of pain, trauma)

❣️Your connection with Source (Universe) up-flows to a place of ever-higher frequencies creating more joy, happiness within & therefore around you.

More Life Fixes? 

You tell me…all the inventive ways you use Indirect Manifestation and Intention to short-cut drama, trauma!

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