Breath of Fresh Air -Indirect Manifestation- Part 1

Greetings…we sincerely hope you are manifesting everything you are choosing to?

What is Indirect Manifestation and why use it?

Were you aware that most of us naturally use a form of Direct Manifestation? When we want to buy a new car most of us start ‘looking’ for the perfect car. 

We go online, start ‘searching’ all the pictures, stats, colors etc of the best car for our needs. Then we test drive, sit in and begin the process of ‘buying’ the best car we can afford. We directly move forward in tackling the best car we can.

How’s this working for you?

What if there is another form of manifestation that is easier and often times quicker.

Consider Indirect Manifestation or the Art of Blessing.

Indirect Manifestation is simple by tapping the vast resources of our subconscious as we place our attention indirectly on our desired outcome. 

So why would we use a form of manifestation that is not focused on blazing a trail to the object of our desire? Simply put, there is a better way that requires less outer action and more inner activity.

Indirect Manifestation requires no energy…simply uses Intention and Gratitude.

What if we can access our subconscious by intending with a point-of-view that originates from our heat center and is focused on well-being and gratitude?

Let’s use our car purchase for example?

First, we would drop into a grateful-heart-space for the freedom our new car will provide. This could be freedom from visiting a mechanic or freedom to drive on vacation or freedom to take friends to a movie…

As you can see the source of freedom is endless and all of it is based in a feeling of gratitude.

What picture would best embody the feeling of freedom for you?

Let your imagination go with this. Is it a bird in flight? Or a dog running with boundless joy? Or a child laughing uncontrollably?

Believe it or not you are now tapping into your vast subconscious as you invite these possibilities fueled by gratitude into your conscious awareness.

Now use intention to amplify your experience. Something like…I intend my best car for the best price in my perfect timing.

Than LET it all GO…

Why is this so powerful and how does it work?
Let’s explore this in our next article of How Good are you willing to have it? Indirect Manifestation-Part 2. 

Learn More ways to use Indirect Manifestation in our Power of 12² with Tessa FREE intending group.

Thank you!

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