How Stressed Are We?


Our body is a fantastic contraption.

It has exact systems, responses and actions for pretty much anything that can occur.

But when things go wrong, because we’ve fed it the wrong foods, or taken in toxins, or ate a lot of sugar, or didn’t give it the rest it needed to recuperate and repair daily (lack of sleep builds up), it can start to be faulty in it’s operation:

    • Our hormones go off (creating inflammation and bringing on depression and anxiety).
        • Inflammation levels rise from not enough sleep or protein, leading to thousands of tiny micro-injuries that don’t get a chance to heal.
        • Inflammation rises from high amounts of sugar or processed sugars in our diet.
        • Our blood vessels become inflamed from toxins or trans fats or processed sugars.
        • Blue light from LED lights, fluorescent lights, phone screens, or EMFs from electrical conduits in our house or offices, or from cell towers, rev up our sympathetic nervous system — the fight or flight side of the nervous system that gets us ready for battle or emergency (whether we need to be or not).
        • We develop hidden infections in our bodies that use up energy stores and protein, and lead to inflammation and low energy.
        • We have injuries, large or microscopic, that never fully heal.
        • Sensitivities to food or sound or light.
        • Allergies.
        • Physical conditions.
        • Low amounts of protein needed for recovery.
        • Low amounts of fats, or the wrong type of fats.


    • All of these things and more raise our physical stress levels.

      And when our stress levels raise, for any reason, our body releases cortisol.

      At the same time, any time we get stressed at work or home or reading the news, our body also releases cortisol.

      This results in cortisol being continuously released. But when cortisol is being continuously released, it keeps our stress levels high.

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