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What Else Is Possible?

Quick support for your systems with 4:27 min of expanding support while reducing anxiety & stress.


Listen often. Helps strengthen your immune.  Can help with ‘COVID-19’ imbalance. Please consider the immune.up-level.BEcode™.  All of Tessa’s energy work are designed to work in tandem with your daily wellness self-care practices. This audio of 6:38 min could change your life!
If you are feeling unbalanced and vulnerable- you’re 4 min away from
B E T T E R !

Who would I BE….

This is a 6:49 min activation session where you explore new possibilities. A favorite!

Clear Fear

What if by you clearing your fears – you help others clear theirs?
Find 9:46 min of guided energy clearings here.
Healing is embedded. Listen daily and change your flows from contracted-fear to expanded-possibility.
A 3.5 minute energy healing just for you–anytime you choose to receive it!

Sun-shine Orb Activation 2.0

This replaces Tessa’s Sun-Light Orb Meditation. Enjoy this 9 minute activation as you receive up-leveling to your subtle bodies PLUS so much more.

The Gratitude Wrap

This is a favorite 9.5 minute meditation that walks you thru a useful energetic process of healing boundaries and en-lightening  them with your unique versions of gratitude and grace.
May it become a favorite of yours as well?
Erase your fears with this 3 min present of presence just for you! Enjoy.

UnCurling Activation

Re-new and receive in this 5 minutes of bliss activation. A P12² Group favorite!

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