Have you ever known anyone who is homeless?

Have you ever felt homeless?
When asked to recall your best memory of home…what comes to mind?
I’d like you to meet Thomas, a homeless man.
If you are a client of mine you most likely have heard me refer to you as one of my best teachers. I use the word teacher to describe a way of relating to one another that offers me information and truth. You and your body ‘teach’ me each time you change your health status or describe your best date or ask about an emotion that you are not comfortable with. You teach me in so many ways.

I had the great honor to be taught by someone very close to me who lived his greatest fear…homelessness.
His name was Thomas. 

This is a homeless man who we will call Thomas. We can make up any number of stories about Thomas and truly none of that matters. Why? Because stories change and that is what we are about in our P12² with Tessa intention group…c h a n g e.

We have used his picture to represent Homelessness in our P12² with Tessa Intention Group in June.
Yes, we are targeting Homelessness.
When you hear that word what  comes up for you personally?
Do you feel a wave of hopelessness then ‘see’ pictures of homeless camps…trash everywhere…animals uncared for…and on and on.
This is NOT what our group is about or focusing on.
We use the power of sacred geometry linked with quantum physics and gratitude fueled by indirect manifestation to gently shift homelessness into Welcome Home!
P12² with Tessa is open for new members…
Would you like to learn more about yourself?
Would you like to learn more about Indirect Manifestation and how it works even on seemingly impossible issues…like Homelessness?
Would you like to BE the solution?
CLICK here for more Information.
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