Quantum e^MASSAGE

Quantum e^MASSAGE

Simply breathe

Say to yourself…I love it when..

Recall your favorite ‘when’


Let go

The things quantum e^massage does best

Strengthens & Supports

can address your pain physically, emotionally & energetically on a quantum level

Quantum JOY Factor

NOW You can become a vibrational match to your life!

Sync Your Harmony

Quantum e^massage can improve sleep, reduce stress & decrease tension

Reset Your Energy Centers

Tessa works at a molecular/cellular level to assist you with everything from fatigue to post-operative pain.

My Finger doesn't work~ BEFORE: I have been having serious pain and swelling in my right middle finger for the past two days. Drinking a lot of water. AFTER Session: I have a completely new hand! Pain is gone, flexibility is back. ..and it looks the same as the other hand! THANK YOU!
Allowed Me To Trust~ My last session with you felt like a clean mirror. It allowed me to trust seeing myself in ways I was unsure about before. I came away with some tools that I will be able to continue to practice with.
Best Sit Down~ Tessa's energy sessions are remarkable. I always leave them with the feeling of resolve for the purpose of the session. I can feel her work as well. She recommends people to be sitting down and there is a good reason for that. Long story short... Tessa is a miracle worker!
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