“If you must doubt something…doubt your limits” *

Right now…Please check in. How many ways are you using doubt unconsciously to self-sabotage your intentions and goals? 

50-100-1 way(s)?

What if you could use your doubt to propel you into moving your life forward?

To handle your list of goals and start erasing your limitations?

Sound good? Read on…

Have you been dancing around your next step?

By that I mean taking two steps forward and one step back? It could kind of look like the Cosmic three-step.

I know that dance really well and I’m using my doubt to begin doubting my limitations and BE the service I am committed to BE. How?

I’m ready to take my next step, AND I could sure use your help.

So how can helping me help you? 

I’ve been meditating(can be a spiritual form of procrastination) on this step for a while now. Sound Familiar? 

We are being invited to co-create a Quantum Community of LIGHT to give back to each other, to the planet we live on and to those we love. Doubt this will work to propel you forward? GOOD! Start doubting your limits and your role in this contribution and let’s use that energy to dismantle our blocks to creating.

I’m offering you steps to:

-Becoming aware of just how you unconsciously doubt your way thru life.

-To learning how to mindfully utilize simple techniques in your daily life to dissolve these blocks.

-To be supported by a quantum personal leap that you know is possible…just not how to access it.

What if one step is to gather in intentional kindness…while I will facilitate the energetics to assist the quantum field of the Power of 12² ? What if we create a quantum leap using my energetic skill set and your doubt to break up some of the limitations that have challenged you for eons with an added bonus of healing our planet?

FOR EXAMPLE…Ever had a day like this?

Yesterday I just could not get started…my to do list was endless and my mojo wasn’t. Have you ever had days, weeks, years like that?

For me. I just started…I picked a small project like folding clothes…not all of them- just some. Pretty small and inconsequential?…and yet my sense of accomplishment was truly overwhelming.

So I built from there.

What small step harnessing your doubt can you use to co-create something holographically greater than you can even imagine?

What if the Universe is asking you to start with a simple seemingly small action to harness and catapult you forward?

How to begin?

Go to the Power of 12² page  and gather your details. Email me.

I’m inviting you to bring your doubts along as you consider your own personal quantum jump. This jump could be as simple as answering this CALL TO ACTION and just showing up in a new intentional way. OR

Wanna learn how to use your doubt to create more movement, more happiness, more light?

Let’s unlock those inner doors as you give back thru simple intention 5 minutes a day for a week. “Its as if my brain was wired to a bigger network.”

Price Pritchett, author of You² says*, “it’s time to start focusing on possibilities rather than on limits or obstacles. Making a quantum leap means moving outside your mental boundaries, if you will re-think how you’re thinking you can multiply your performance potential. You must let your desires guide you instead of allowing yourself to be boxed in by perceived constraints “

Let’s do this!

This group is forming now. 

Don’t miss out!

Learn how to create quantum change in your life now!

Contact Tessa at:


Title email: POWER OF 12


Blessing YOU Bigger than I know how

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