Space, Land, Home Clearings

Own your own business?


What if your Business would benefit from an energy clearing?**

Do you live in a home or work in an office that just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to you?

Are you a realtor with a property that just won’t sell?

Have you ever walked on a piece of ground that ‘gave you the willies’?

Do you have a corner of your home that makes your skin crawl?

Is there a part of your yard that simply makes you wanna cry every time you walk on it?

If you could change these experiences, would you?

Hey there

I have had all the above experiences personally. 
Are you as sensitive as I am to your surroundings? If everything is energy then everything and everywhere can take on energy. Makes sense?
I started clearing space and homes and offices and land and cars and computers and beds when I learned how important it is for my body to feel ‘at home’ and ‘at ease’ in her surroundings. 
What do I use? I use Time Feng Shui, ASH, Matrix Energetics and Perelandra Flower Essences and Elemental energy clearing to name a few of the techniques that I blend into a seamless ‘seeing’ and loving into balance.
Please know your environment around you is as important to your well-BEing as your environment within your body.

I encourage you to take action and let’s create a safe, friendly and healthy space and home….now.

Do you have questions?

I offer a FREE 15 minute Consult for you to meet me and ask your specific questions in person.

Contact Tessa at:

Title email:  Space Clearing 

** Photo Credit For Fleurae to Poppi Photography  Thank you!

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