Massage & TMJ

Massage Specialist TMJ (temperomandibular joint) syndrome is a painful condition caused by a dysfunction of the joint that connects the temporal bones to the lower jawbone. Often, a misalignment combined with jaw clenching can wear out the cartilage causing the bone to rub together rather than smoothly gliding as intended. When this joint does not […]

Are you an Intender?

3 ways you might be using your intentions against yourself?? Hey there… hope this TessaBE Love note finds you well and in joy? What is an Intender anyway? One who intends consciously. An influencer. What is intention? Intention is a purposeful plan which will lead to a desirable outcome…a plan directed by an intenders own […]

“If you must doubt something…doubt your limits” *

Right now…Please check in. How many ways are you using doubt unconsciously to self-sabotage your intentions and goals?  50-100-1 way(s)? What if you could use your doubt to propel you into moving your life forward? To handle your list of goals and start erasing your limitations? Sound good? Read on… Have you been dancing around […]