Age(less) Living

What is Age(less) Living?

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Ever been faced with a health or life situation that was just too much for you to handle alone?

Too daunting?


Or one you could not move forward in- seemingly stuck?

We all have.

Do you have any of these top 5 Fears of Aging?

  • Loss of Independence
  • Declining Health
  • Running out of Money
  • Losing Driving Privileges
  • Isolation

You are not alone. 

Many share your fears.

Would you like to shift these fears to engage in

  • More ease
  • More freedom
  • Uplifting Inner Conversations that will create
  • More options that are currently UN-seen

We are creating a series of 2 in 1 Group Helping Events.

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Hi, I am Tessa Brauer, CEO and Owner of and Self-Health Essentials LLC.

May I welcome you and invite you to pull up a chair and spend a few minutes here to get to know me a bit and learn some of the resources here for you?