Abuse Healing BEcodes™

Your Abuse BEcodes™

What are BEcodes™??
  • BEcodes™  are simple to use~frequency-infused energetic self-care gift….nothing to track, nothing to process.
  • BEcodes™ help you live your in more happiness.
  • BEcodes™ are instant anxiety relievers.
  • BEcodes™ are as unique to each person as snow flakes are to each other.
  • BEcodes™ are fast acting, and can address your long held life-patterns.
  • BEcodes™ have your back with 24/7 support. 

Imagine the best version of you- BEcodes™ help you make it happen now.

How do BEcodes™ work?

BEcodes™ are a gentle de-frag energy ‘programmed’ to check your body and your bio-field for spaces that are out of alignment with your BEST-self’s version.

What can I expect?
  • more ease
  • more energy
  • more clarity
  • more peace
  • more courage

Truly depends on you and your patterns and how much you want to show up in your life!

How do Abuse.Healing. BEcodes™ differ from basic.BEcodes?

We have found that often abused/abuser patterns are not limited to this lifetime. These abuse.healing. BEcodes™ address this energetically. If you could heal the endless cycle of abused/abuser pain/trauma…wouldn’t you? This energetic frequency-infused self-care tool is life changing- for you and your abuser.

BEcodes™ help you imagine…then BEcome

Who you might BE with nothing to control? 

What you might create without the belief that something/someone could control you?

Your BEcode(s)™ healing will start within 3 hours of your order.



90 days @ $44 a month



90 days @ $44 a month



90 days @ $44 a month



90 days @ $44 a month



90 days @ $44 a month



90 days @ $50 a month

Abuse Healing BEcodes™

90 days @ $44 a month
That price includes 24/7 Source scanning, clearing treatments and balancing quad-rillions of your out-dated abuse patterns that you have carried for life-times.

This all starts within 3 hours of your order.

These patterns impact you in so many seen and unseen ways…as your life, your prosperity and your health return you will be infused with new hope, new light.

Tessa’s SPECIAL Offer…

Abuse…BE it physical, sexual, energetic, emotional, or spiritual- is a very serious and a very real experience.

Whether you are under a Licensed Practitioner’s care now or are looking for a one to help you navigate this experience…Tessa is offering you a special 1-1 telephone energy session to help you facilitate the treatments that you are requesting.
What our research has shown is this VERY special and VERY private treatment session in addition to the appropriate BEcode™ -frequency-infused self-care treatment of your choice- will infuse your healing so gently and so kindly that you will flow thru this process to create more balance and more joy for you and in your life. Like snow melting in sunshine.

Your Abuse/Abuser Private Healing Session with Tessa

60 minutes  $111

Create your Bundle and SAVE

Your personal Tessa Session plus 90 days abuse.healing.BEcode™ (your choice)

Bundle Price= $222 (Save $21)

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