A.S.H. Energetics

Activated Spaces Healing or A.S.H.

What is A.S.H. Energetics? Activated Spaces Healing is a total shift in healing techniques and approaches that focuses on the spaces in, through and around problems--not the problem itself. It's indirect work that is an actual short cut to changing and improving things. It works well for humans, pets and even situations. It works well for every emotion and situation you can imagine. It is for everyone and everybody. Because it is an indirect and gentle work it can be quite magical. Often Instantaneous, Sessions can last from 20-30 minutes...depending on the issue more than one session can be required to completely resolve the issue.

I am so lucky~ I have the BEST clients

Tessa Helps Close MY Real Estate Deals I am a successful Real Estate Broker. I sold $7 million in 2017. I use Tessa’s energy work to help me with my real estate closings. Her energy work shifted my latest transactions within minutes of our session. Within 2 hours of the session, two really prickly, drawn out, enmeshed closings closed. Jaw dropping experience for me. This has happened more than once! It’s a miracle for me to see a really stuck deal open and conclude with ease and my money in the bank! I am so grateful for Tessa in my life and work.
"Tessa's energy sessions are remarkable. I always leave them with the feeling of resolve for the purpose of the session. I can feel her working as well. She recommends people to be sitting down and there is a good reason for that! Long story short.... Tessa is a miracle worker!"
Lisa E.

A.S.H. with Tessa

35 minute session via phone or remote.


Comments About TessaBe from Rudy Hunter, Creator of A.S.H..

“TessaBe is an Advanced AshWork Practitioner trained personally by Rudy Hunter…and she is a remarkably present practitioner and human being.  She interviews Rudy on this just-under-30-minutes-game-show-format call…and you’ll learn a TON of great tips directly from Rudy.  Tessa was a genius to make sure EVERYONE [not just AshWorkers] benefits from the tips here.  Thanks Tessa!!!

The format for this short-but-VERY informative call takes on the feeling of a rapid-fire round of Q & A as Tessa interviews Rudy and asks hims to explain & give tips/TOPICS:  Creating sacred space, how he disconnects energetically after sessions, how he knows what to work on and SO MUCH MORE.  You’ll learn all this material whether you ever become an AshWorker or not [thanks Tessa!} because these powerful tools apply to ANY/EVERY interaction with clients, family, loved ones and ever other person-to-person interaction we have here on planet Earth.  So if you work with folks doing any other discipline that’s great.  You’ll learn a ton.  But even if you only need help with your boundaries while visiting your mother-in-law or talking to your teenager…this material will really help you out.  I’m SO delighted Tessa put me on the hot seat.  Enjoy this packed interview and please share it with other folks you know who could benefit.”

 Packed audio below ..a useful tool for anyone in a body…
TessaBe interviews creator of A.S.H., Rudy Hunter, International Teacher & Healer.

This is a link to Rudy Hunter’s GRATITUDE GRID. TessaBe contributed her energies to its creation.

It is a beautiful creation of love.


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